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 Real Estate

Real Estate investment has become scientific which incorporates future stream of income it may generate and the associated risk adjustments. Investment theorists have included probability, time value of money and utility into its analysis.

Real estate is basically defined as immovable property such as land and everything permanently attached to it like buildings. Real property as opposed to personal or movable property is characterized by the right to transfer the title to the land whereas title to personal property can be retained. The investment in real estate essentially depends on the risks associated with it, that is to say, even if the venture succeeds when the future stream of income will accrue to the investor and the alternative investment opportunities. Real estate investment can be attractive if viewed as a business opportunity; it can generate rental income, using it as collateral to secure a loan for a business venture, to offset otherwise taxable income through cash savings on tax-deductible interest rate losses, or simply from the profits garnered from its resale. Notable, in this context is the gains reaped by real estate speculators who trade in real estate futures (by buying and selling purchase options).

Common examples of real estate investment are individuals owning multiple pieces of real estates one of which is his primary residence and others are occupied by tenants from where the rental income accrues. Real estate investment is also associated with appreciation in the value of property thereby having the potential for capital gains. Tax implications differ for real estate investment and residential real estates. Real estate investment is long term in nature and investment professionals routinely maintain that ones investment portfolio should have at least 5%-20% invested in real estate

We have a team of top notch professionals & expertise who keeps their eyes on market trend and changes which enable us to upper hand than other Property consultants/Service Providers. We always focus on our clients and their requirement and committed to provide the best deal to them.

Our work is not based on guess or assumption, "RESEARCH", is the only way we follow to accomplish our client's requirement of real estate. We are supported by our property experts and extensive property and client database, which enable our professionals to access regional property opportunities and to pursue client interest in a cost-effective manner.

Our clients include Locals, NRI's, HNI's Institutions..they demonstrate the quality we deliver to them and we are the foremost choice to our existing clients and they choose us whenever they do any dealing in Real Estate.


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